Coach’s Corner: The One Who Got Hooked on Running

By: Amy Begley, Atlanta Track Club Elite Coach

Running has a funny way of transforming your life. It’s not just the physical act of putting in the miles or the strength you gain along the way – it often shifts your priorities and introduces you to new people and places. It’s part of the fun of the sport.


It wasn’t that long ago that Vivian Eckmann wasn’t a runner. In July 2015, she and her two children stood in the rain and mud to watch her husband Matt complete his first AJC Peachtree Road Race. Vivian was inspired by the energy of the other spectators as well as the determination of those running the world’s largest 10K. Soon after that, she started running herself.


I watched as Vivian got hooked on running. I met her last fall when she joined Atlanta Track Club’s In-Training program as she prepared for a marathon (her registration to the training program was a Mother’s Day gift from her husband after she had completed the Publix Georgia Half Marathon). She’s joined us for several training programs since then and has maintained her enthusiasm. Vivian is never afraid to ask questions and always wants to learn more – not only for herself, but for her family as well. She brings a fun energy to practice that makes others want to be around her.


Vivian admits her life has changed since she started running. She says she didn’t realize how much free time she had before it became part of her life. Now she juggles her training alongside work and family time with her husband, their kids and their dogs. However, she enjoys being around her training group and testing her limits as she sets new goals.


The race that once inspired Vivian is now one she has experienced herself. She completed her first AJC Peachtree Road Race this July and is now training to run her second marathon in Chicago this October.


Whether you’re just starting your running journey or are entering a new phase of it, always be willing to learn from others and feel the excitement of the miles along the way. That eagerness will take you far!

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